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Happy 2015!!!!
What causes shedding when I color my Sisterlocks?


Checking In
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Checking In

Happy 2015!!!!

I hope 2015 brings everyone many great hair days!

Hot weather and locks

It's getting hot in here...so take off all your clothes...JK.  Seriously the hot weather just like the cold weather can do damage to your locks.  Make sure you are spritzing with water often to keep the moisture in your beautiful locks.  Enjoy the weather.

Are there any natural hair events in the area?

Hello Universal,
Ok so I have fallen off big time of blogging every week....I just don't have time.  But I definitely put forth a better effort.  So my question to answer this week is "Are there any natural hair events in the area?"  Simply put "YES" all the time.  Follow up question...where?  Everywhere.  I just attended a workshop with Dr. Yoland M. Lenzy, MD presenting on hair thinning/hair loss #amazingpersentation #greatinformation.  This event was hosted by the New England Natural Hair Health and Wellness Collaborative.

It is so cold outside!!! Protect your Locs!!!

With historical low temperatures everywhere....it is so important to protect your locs.  The colder the season, the drier your scalp will be.  For people who battle with dry scalp, the cold weather could mean an itchy and inflamed scalp.  Here are a few tips to help get through the cold weather:
  • Wash your hair but don't overdo it.  You can get away with excessive washing in the warmer months but over washing your hair removes the natural moisturizers from the your scalp.

Sisterlocks Consultants

I always tell potential clients that not all Sisterlocks Consultants will work out for everyone.  It could be a scheduling conflict.  It could be personality differences.  It could the space in which you will be receiving services.  Whatever the reason, it is important to find a Sisterlocks Consultant that you are comfortbale with and that you trust will guide you along this journey.  Afterall, you will be with this person initially for 15-20 hours and then every 6-8 weeks there after.

Keeping up with the pace

I have been asked time and time again, how do I keep up with this schedule of mines????  I work full time and then come home and do Sisterlocks.  My Sisterlocks business is truly a part-time job but it's my baby.  I don't consider it work.  I love it and I truly enjoy it.  I have found my passion in life.  I was given this wonderful gift and it is truly an honor and pleasure to share this gift with others.
Keeping up and loving it!

Natrual Hair Community in New England

Hello Go
od People. I have been away for a few weeks but in my absence, I have been busy.  I have attended a few events for the Natrual Hair Community which were great events.  If you haven't already, please join the Boston Naturals Meetup Group.  The Organizer is wonderful and she is bringing some great events that benefit our natural hair to the area.  Join today and start mingling with other natural beauties like yourself.  Keep up the good work Rica!


Ok I have been absent for about two weeks but I have a very good excuse....LIFE!  I have been super busy with clients and events.  I attended the Curls Gone Wild Natural Hair and Health Expo at Hibernian Hall in Roxbury and it was so nice.  Congratulations to Three Little Birds LLC for such a wonderful event.  I look forward to the next one.  I also co-hosted a workshop on Sisterlocks at the Quincy Library...we shall talk later about that.  I just want to say to the natural community that there are so many wonderful events being brought to our city and I hope to see you all there.

Moving and Shaking!!!

Over the weekend we completed an Installation in 15 hours in
one day.  WHOA!  Nothing like getting the job done correctly and in a timely fashion.  Our first SILVER FOX!!!!!  Her hair was amazing from the start so we just knew that Sisterlocks would only make amplify the beauty.  We were correct.  Stay tuned for pictures and updates on our SILVER FOX.  It is so important to us that our clients get thesuperior service they deserve and the end result that matches our superior service.

To Condition and Oil or not to Condition and Oil

How funny is that I recently had two transfer clients with mature Sisterlocks come to me with breakage issues.  So we talked about their hair regime and come to find out that both of their previous Consultants told them no oils and conditioners can be put into your hair. Well this is partly true.....when you havenew Sisterlocks!!!! When your Sisterlocks are mature and especially if you are coloring your locks, you are going to need to get some moisture and oil into those locks.
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